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Septic Care and Maintenance Tips

Good care and maintenance prolongs the useable life of your septic system.  Just by following a few simple do’s and don’ts could possibly save money in the long run.  By keeping any objects other than human waste and toilet paper out of your septic, you are off to a good start. 

A septic system and Effluent Disposal Area are not designed to dispose of items such as paper towels, tissues, dental floss, tampons, condoms, cigarette butts, and many other household items.  Anti-bacterial chemicals are also a good idea to keep out of your system.  By pumping on a regular schedule and keeping these items out of your system, your septic should last a long time.

Do’s and Don’ts

Septic Do

  • Have the septic tank pumped every 2–4 years
  • Know the location of the tank and leach field
  • Conserve on water usage
  • Flush only human waste down the toilets
  • Keep maintenance log of the system
  • Check for signs of system failure
  • Check baffles or have a qualified pumper inspect the baffles


Septic Don’t

  • Flush solid waste
  • Flush grease
  • Flush toxic or bacteria killing materials i.e. chlorine, paint thinner, or pesticides
  • Build any structure over the leach field
  • Plant anything except grass over the leach field
  • Drive over the leach field
  • Use a garbage disposal
  • Empty a water softer into the sewer system
  •  Wait to pump until there is a problem